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Teacher Student Loan Forgivness

Hey guys,

Per my last post, I am sharing my excel of various TAPP programs that help career changers secure a career in teaching and potentially help graduates have some of their student loans forgiven.

I encourage any professional to look into teaching as a route toward student loan forgiveness. I am in Atlanta, GA and this is my personal route towards student loan forgiveness. SEE BELOW

The Georgia Teacher Alternative Preparation Program® (Georgia TAPP) is a classroom-based teacher preparation option for individuals who have the basic qualifications to teach early childhood, middle-grades, secondary or P-12 education but have not completed a teacher preparation program.

  1. Take the required GACE exams (Around $500 total)

  2. Pick a subject you want to teach, preferably what your college degree is in and take that content exam.

  3. Take the Program Admission Assessment: Math, Writing, Reading

  4. Apply to several TAPP programs

  5. In order to raise your odds, apply to several school districts’ TAPP programs

  6. Preferably, apply to those in close driving distance to you or apply to TAPP programs whose applications are free.

  7. Set up a account

  8. Take Ga Ethics Exam ($30)

  9. Check my excel sheet for TAPP programs in Georgia

  10. Create a great rotating teaching resume highlighting your experience

  11. Create a cover letter.

  12. Interchange the school districts on your cover letter

  13. Create an email specifically for your job process

  14. Use this Google account to communicate.

  15. Save files to Google Drive for easy access

  16. Sign up for various school district hiring sites using this email

  17. Example:

  18. Get at least 3-5 professional and personal references

  19. Save those to your email to send when required.

  20. Be proactive: Obtain

  21. College transcripts

  22. HS transcripts

  23. Background check

  24. SAT/ACT scores

  25. Personally email TAPP hiring coordinators to push your resume along

  26. Be patient. This is not an easy 1,2,3 process. This is an investment for your future in order to ensure that some of your student loans are forgiven.

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