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You are what you speak.

Wow my first post of 2019.

During the 2018 Christmas holiday I received the most profound revelation of my life. You are what you speak and think. I am one to make resolutions, goals, and plans so I told myself I would no longer speak negatively about myself or others. Is it easy? No, but I am intentional about what I say and what others say about me. Just the other say my coworker joked that I would get sick because it is truly a fact that almost everyone is affected by the flu during flu season, especially as teachers of young children. When he said that I had to immediately rebuke his words. Is he the devil? No, but the enemy will use any and everybody to steal, kill, and destroy. His favorite method is using the power of the tongue. The Bible even says how challenging it is to tame the tongue. With the same tune we pray with we curse ourself and others (James 3:9-10).

The Bible says life and death lie in the power of the tongue and those that love it eat the fruit of it(). Thus, if you are speaking life you reap the benefits of Christ. According to John 10:10, that is that we may have life and have it abundantly. On the other hand if you are speaking death you reap the fruits of life with the enemy.

So what is "life?" the Bible declares the anything outside of faith is sin. It also says in Galatians 5:22 that the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These are the things I believe God desires us to fixate on. These are the characteristics I believe God designed us with. These are the attributes of a good and faithful servant.

However, the Fall alienated us from God and our true selves. Without Christ and knowing our identity we are like that man who looks in the mirror and after staring for a long time turns away and forgets himself (James 1:23-24). This is what we are doing when we speak about ourselves and others with words outside of the fruits of the spirit. Though we were created in the image of God because of the sins of Adam and Eve, Gods chosen people have forgotten our true identity in Christ.

As a result of this we see ourselves struggling and festering in our sins. We say oh "that is just how I am." "We declare well my mother or father was ______, so I am going to be ______. We do not see ourselves the way God sees us. We have forgotten the battle is not against flesh and blood, but rather a spiritual battle between good and evil (Ephesians 6:12). We give names to these spirits. We call them depression, anxiety, hypertension, anorexia, obesity, gluttony, addictions, disabilities, paralysis, and the list goes on. We romanticize them in movies and call them monster, ogore, vampire, witch, and troll. When in fact these things are in fact demons, spirits, and strongholds, Rather than think heavenly thoughts, we have forgotten that God gave us authority to fight the good fight. So we accept that we are weak. We accept the doctor's diagnosis. We accept the cards we are dealt.

The Revelation

My Aunt shared with me that all my life my granny always said, "Im sick." Anytime someone would call and ask how she was doing she said, "Im sick." Now she is lame. Her mind is gone and she lives off a feeding tube. It is sad to see my grandmother like that. Knowing her as the spirit filled and church going woman who I spent much of my life with to be overtaken by these spirits.

As a retired register nurse my Mom has given every test imaginable to my granny. Though she is a blood washed believer as well. I believe her nursing background causes her to see my grannies sickness from a fleshly perspective. What I mean is that she takes the doctors diagnosis which are Dementia, Altzheizmers, and just recently COPD and reclaims them over my granny life. Being in that career field all her life causes her to use human knowledge. However, we all as a family have to fight with spiritual tools. We have to rebuke these diagnosis. We have to speak life over my granny. Remind her of the goodness of God. Repent and remind her to repent too. Sometimes I wonder what is in her mind. Is she just inside trapped and screaming?

I say all this to say that we have power in our tongue. Is it too late for my grandmother? Of course not. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe as her offspring we must fight for her. I also believe that because she spake that over her life every single day she is reaping the benefits of what she said in that specific area of her life. Think about the lame man. Think abut the woman with blood. Think about Sarah being barren. Think about Lazarus. Think about Job. All of these people were healed and restored because of their faith not by medicine and diagnoses, but by Christ alone.

Wherever you are I want you to think about every single negative thing you say about yourself. Rebuke those and the enemy.

Now write down what God says about you.

I'll start

God said you are good.

God said you will be fruitful and multiply.

God made a helper for you.

God gave you dominion over the earth.

God gave you power of the Holy Spirit.

God gave you spiritual gifts.

God said you are called a part.

God said you were fearfully and wonderfully made.

God said he created you for good works.

God said you will live and not die.

God gave you eternal life.

God said you are not debtors.

God said you are redeemed.

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