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Mexico Bariatric Center

Hi Guys,

I hope this message finds you. Almost a year ago I had gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. It was an awesome experience. Almost a year later I am making this video to promote not just Mexico Bariatric Center, but VSG or bypass. Truly this weight loss surgery has changed my life.

Prior to surgery I was a whooping 315 pounds and I am only 5'5. I looked and felt huge. It was so normal to me I did not even realize physically how the weight was effecting my body. I made this video because I want women, rather people to be encouraged to try a surgical alternative to weight loss. I have done pills, shots, counseling, diets, memberships, trails and tribulations lol, and VSG worked for me.

I want people to be encouraged to block out the naysayers who make you feel like surgery is the easy way out, or that you can not afford it, or you will only gain the weight back. Mainly, I want to send this message out to promote weight loss in people who are morbidly overweight like I was. I was two people combined into one and carried that weight on my 5'5 stature. Whatever route you take for weight loss make it your goal to get to a physically healthy weight and maintain it.

I was 25 and 315 pounds. I could not sit comfortably into planes, I stayed away from amusement parks because I could not fit into the rides, I could not sky dive, zip line, bungee jump, sit on two passenger helicopters, horse back ride, my feet would swell after long rides, my shoulders often hurt because of my larger breast, I had high blood pressure and I was stress free and did not talk in a high salt intake. I always had to ask for a seat belt extension. So no I do not embrace being overweight. I do not embrace living a limited life because my weight is holding me back. This video has nothing to do with beauty standards or even health, but the fact I was limited to doing activities because I was over weight. This is why I encourage people to do their research and look into gastric sleeve surgery.

Surgery: June 13th 2017

Starting Weight: 315

Now: 220

Goal: 180 or lower

MBC doctor: Dr. Cabera

Cost: 5,000 (2 flights from ATL -SAN, hotel, surgery, transportation, post meds, in house meds and foods)

Recovery: 6 weeks

Hospital: Mi Doctor Hospital

Coordinator: Tabitha

Nutritionist: Mischa Travis

Procedure Info : I changed Doctors per my request. This is an example of payment options.

Date : 2017-06-12

Patient : Ashley Arnett

Procedure : Sleeve

Facility : Tijuana - Mi Doctor

Doctor : Dr. Valenzuela

Surgery Price : $ 5,545.00

Current Balance : $ 5,045.00 ( Partial Payment )

Payment Info : Type : Credit Card Amount Authorized : $ 0.00 With 5%

Credit Card Fee : $ 0.00

Amount Paid : $ 500.00 With %

Credit Card Fee : $ 525.00

Email Note :

More Information: Here is some information about Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

Day 1: Pre-Op hotel accommodations

Day 2/3: Surgery/hospital stay

Day 4: Post-Op hotel accommodations

Here is some information about Gastric Bypass Surgery and Duodenal Switch.

Please see other bariatric surgery options:

Day 1: Pre-Op hotel accommodations

Day 2/3/4: Surgery/hospital stay

Day 5: Post-Op hotel accommodations

All of our packages include: - Ground transport to and from San Diego airport or border parking - Transportation from hotel to hospital to hotel - Patient assistant to look after your needs at the hospital and hotel - Pre-op 1 night of hotel - Pre-op lab work, physical - Hospital stay (2 nights for sleeve / 3 nights for bypass and duodenal switch) - Post-op x-ray and post-op medications - Post-op 1 night of hotel

The package includes everything except your airfare.

For an overview of Patient Process, Orientation, check out

More info on the surgeons: Dr. Ismael Cabrera is a well-trained and experienced surgeon, having studied in the United States as well as Mexico.

Dr. Cabrera uses state-of-art equipment, dissolvable stitches and disposable material always. He operates in Mi Doctor Hospital.

Dra. Louisiana Valenzuela is one of the prominent bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico. She uses state-of-art equipment, dissolvable stitches and disposable material always. Dra. Louisiana Valenzuela operates in Mi Doctor Hospital.

Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez is a dedicated bariatric surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico.

You can expect the same quality surgery as Dra. Louisiana Valenzuela and Dr. Ismael Cabrera. He operates in Mi Doctor Hospital.

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