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Korea Vlog: Language Exchange Part II

So I am at it again at Language Exchange. This week we discussed goals at Mokpo Language Exchange. Just when it was getting good my camera died or maybe my memory was full. Anyways I hope you enjoy. There is an hour long English lanuage part for Koreas to practice. Then we move on to partners were non-Korean speakers learn Korean. It is a great way to meet friends and exchange cultural differenes.

Hey guys, this week’s topic is about goals!

1. Do you set goals? If so, how often do you set them? If not, why don’t you set them?

2. If you do set goals, what is one (or more) goal you’re working towards right now?

3. What was the last goal you reached?

4. Did you have different goals when you were younger, compared to the goals you have now?

5. If you could magically reach one goal today, what would it be, and why?

6. Are there any goals you have given up on?

7. Do you have any advice on setting or reaching goals?

Take some time with friends or solo and also discuss these questions.

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