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Moving to Korea: Faith over Sight

Well I have officially made it to Korea.God is so good. I was very disappointed and confused when I missed my flight Friday. After all I've been through to get here, I was wondering if this was God's will anymore. I wanted to give up that day after being on the phone for two hours and being told I would have to buy another plane ticket. However I didn't give up. I only paid for some cancellation fee. The flight was the next day at the same time and had the same flight number. 

In that moment of uncertainty while I rode down the airport road. I started to think about Job and how after all he went through he did it curse God. In the midst of that confusion I was mad with God. I've spent so much money and  invested so much time. Then to get to the airport Saturday and my luggage was so overweight I would have had to pay almost 500$ to get my bags here. But God's favor prevailed. The lady did not charge me for two overweight bags or my additional bag, formerly known as my carry-on. 

God's grace is sufficient. No matter what God's will, will prevail. Pastor Toure Roberts talks about perspective. We weren't there when God formed us. We weren't there when God through his divine wisdom created our path. That's why we can never understand it. That's why we must have unwavering faith to trust that nothing can thwart the plans of God. God said he has plans for us. God created us in his imaged and called us good. God said he created us for good works that he prepared beforehand SO WE MAY WALK IN THEM. All of this, up until this point was divine and had been preparing me for those good works. 

After my very brief moment of doubt I was reassured by Job's testimony. The Bible says, and not once did he curse God. So although I was mad. Although I was weary. God exceed my expectations for my flight and travel. I've met three amazing black women along the way all going to the same or close by areas. Had I caught my flight yesterday I would have never met all these people who've gone before me and held my hand along the way. I would have been alone. But I've never felt so full confident and connected.  

This process has been long and it's yet to hit me I have crosses countless states and crosses oceans to get here. I'm looking forward to my new journey in Korea and I can tell God is pleased. He created me for this and so  he's gone before me to protect me from harms way. God is love and his grace is sufficient!!! I also want to add that your plan is your plan. What path God has for you is for you. So while many are getting married, buying homes, starting their businesses, getting their masters, moving out their parents house, getting results from the gym and I can go on and on. Do not let these thingsthat  are “missing” cause you to curse God for where he has you. 

I never imagined I would be in Korea never imagined I would be teaching. I never even knew how much better life would be with Christ. One thing is for certain is that where ever God places me, no matter the salary or occupation, and no matter what stoned the devil tries to throw my way, I work unto God. This is why I don’t stay in one place too long. This is why God  continues to use me. This is how I remain a willing vessel. This is how God will use you. Trust God in the little and he will grant you the more!!! 

Until next time,

Jesus is 

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