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Interview w/ Ashley


March 5, 2018 Anyone who knows me, knows I am a very spiritual individual. I LOVE the LORD! Every time I worship and praise the Lord I am so emotional. Lol When think of all the things he has brought me through and everything he has done for me, I can’t say anything but THANK YOU! THANK YOU LORD, FOR YOUR GRACE AND MERCY OVER MY LIFE! This interview is one that I felt I needed to do because women in Christ need to know we are standing together in the sisterhood of Christ. This phenomenal woman Ashley, who you all may know as @christandconversations on social media, is the woman who caught my attention with her inspirational post and videos about being a women in Christ. Ashley’s topics and discussions challenged me to take a step back and evaluate my walk with the Lord (most importantly my faith walk), and that is an awesome experience. After extensive background in website design, blogging, social media, videography, art, and a shift from a career in PR Ashley was called into ministry. She questioned if everything she stood for was done in vain. Christ and Conversations is the representation of a woman who is just like herself. Extending herself to be honest, real, and passionate about life and all it has to offer through sharing her life experiences. The only purpose of Christ and conversations is to full fill God’s divine purpose in Ashley’s life.

When discusses divine purpose, Ashley explains,” The book of Genesis says God created humanity in his image. He created us for goodness and that we would be fruitful. Nothing thwarts God’s plans and nothing is wasted. Christ and Conversations came out of a deep need to express that which God placed on my heart. The Bible says, many are called, but few are chosen. See we all should be glorifying God in everything we do, but it takes boldness and obedience to live unlike the world. It takes strength to move to a different way than society, and spread the message of Jesus Christ.” C&C3 Do not get it confused this ministry is just not for the holier than thou Christian woman. This is for all women from all backgrounds of life coming together to inspire and push pass the pain of life and experience truly what God has for them. Ashley’s ministry seeks out, “The around the way girl, the girl with tattoos, the girl from the hood, the girl who isn’t a virgin, the girl who has been sloppy drunk at the party, the girl who has given multiple guys a chance, the girl who has taken plan B, the girl who has never had a boyfriend, the girl who has a baby, the girl who has had an abortion, the girl who has ran away from home, and the list goes on.” Through God’s wisdom, her discernment for his will was reveled after waking up one evening and God had planted the vision of Christ and Conversations and it has blossomed since then. Christ and Conversations platform connects women in the church with ministries that focus on their individual needs with relatable experiences in their lives. It became the alternative to going out to the clubs and looking for love in all the wrong places but creating an atmosphere were like minded women can connect. Ashley had the desire to curate sisterhood and see woman experience quality healthy female relationships, therefore she culturaviate the space where women can come together. Christ and conversations ministry offers prayer, genuine friendship, guidance, correction, and sisterhood for all women! 

Go Follow Christ and Conversations Official Website & @christandconversations on Instagram! 

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