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6 months post-opt VSG

Super Super long overdue video about my VSG in Tijuana Mexico with Mexico Bariatric Center.

This video highlights some FAQ's and post surgery updates.

Cost: 5,000 (price includes 2 flight, surgery, and hotel)

Distance: 4 hour flight from Atlanta-Hartsfiled

Complications: Post-opt everything is super spicy acid reflux often. They provide medicine for that, but just monitor the spices that you eat and the seasonings. Medication not required to take.

Fears: NONE!! I wanted this surgery more than anything. Actually, the flight back and having blood clots was my biggest concern.

What to bring: Pillow cases, heating pad, compression socks. One-two change of clothes you will be in hospital gear most fo the time.

Safety: The area is very safe. We stayed in our hospital bed most fo the time if we were not walking. YEs you have to walk after surgery to keep your blood flowing.

Distance: The hospital is relatively close to the hotel.

Accommodations: Provides hotel for your guest.

Hidden Fees: YES. There is a catch if you use more medicine than the packet that you signed off on your paperwork. Make sure to ask "is this covered under my packet" before they give you anything. I noticed I was doing a breathing treatment more than my roommate. I also think I had a blood pressure strip to regulate my pressure. I was charged an extra $200 because I used more medicine than the packet.

Language berries: Most nurses speak good English. honestly you will not talk that much unless it is to you roomie.

Roommates: I had one. It might not be the same for you. I believe it depends on who/how you book or the amount of patients.

Pain: No pain whatsoever. It was mainly uncomfortable trying to sleep and find a position to lay where it did not effect my IV.

Moving forward: I plan to get plastic surgery to help with any loose skin. that is unavoidable and less important to me than being 300 pounds going into 2018.

Current weight December 31st 2017: 250

Starting weight June 13th: 315

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