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Interview With Chanel Chase: Author of Pain, Process, Purpose

About Chanel: Chanel Chase helps people who crave a business and life they love by igniting the gifts that they have inside of them. If you have ever felt like you have all these great ideas and you can never put them to words, then she is the person to work with.Chanel is a take charge business woman, writer, and inspirational speaker who expertly balances career, ministry, and family.Chanel has received many honors, including graduating Valedictorian of Miles College in 2012, and many other accolades such as appearing on the Steve Harvey Show, writing for Ntwrkr Magazine, and becoming an established 6 figure earner, while juggling the life in corporate America and entrepreneurship.She is a true believer that God wants everyone to succeed. She is a passionate, take charge, self motivated, powerful strategic thinker raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, and is dedicated to inspiring people to embark on their divine destiny.

Featured on The Steve Harvey Show, Chanel Chase debuts new book “Pain, Process, and Purpose: The 3 P’s to Finding Your Spiritual Identity. The book is to inspire and motivate people to walk into their purpose by creating an imprint that evolves from faith, belief, and trust in God. Written for women on a journey to identify their purpose, this book takes you step-by-step through the process everyone must walk through in order to overcome your fear and struggles. After grieving her father last year, Chanel is transparent in sharing her challenges on the path to discovering purpose and her spiritual identity.

1. Where/What did title of your book derive from? The title of my book truly explained everything I felt. I have kept a journal all of my life, and I have made it a habit of writing in it every couple of days. After I went through the loss of my dad, I didn’t want to slip back into a very dark place. I had already gotten to a place of peace, and then the most devastating event took place. My book started off as a journal to God. I didn’t intend on it being a book. I started reading through all of my old journals, and I was able to see all the pain I had been through. I read the tone in my journals from the past couple of years. I saw the dried tears in my journal, and then I saw the victory that was transforming. I wrote about my process. As I read that, I then began to see what God was doing in my life. He had begun to turn my life around, and I just wanted to know the purpose of something so devastating happening at that moment in my life. As I lived it, I began to formulate my journal into a book. I realized that the journey I was on and the experience I was gaining could help other people deal and cope with their circumstances. I knew I wasn’t alone. The pain comes, but it will go. God will heal your wounds through the process, and then, He will ignite that process with… PURPOSE. I just wanted someone to pick up my book and instantly understand how powerful the journey could be. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and that light could be the birthing of your divine Purpose. 2. What audience is your book written to? My book is written to that person that looked like me. The one that was afraid of their pain. Afraid of showing their pain. Afraid of walking away from an unhealthy situation. Afraid to show who they really are. It’s the person that hides because they are not if they would be respected as themselves. It’s the person that has a story in them that needs to be told. I needed them to see my strength in my transparency and understand that it’s okay. It’s okay that pain exists, but I wrote my book to the person that needed to know that they didn’t have to get stuck there. In my relationship, I hid behind a fake smile, fancy clothes, a good job, and every other materialistic thing I could. I went to church, but needed help. I was afraid to say it because I didn’t want to be judged. I needed the person that read this book to understand that there’s only one life that God gives us, but He gives us multiple chances in it. We can make mistakes. I wrote this book for the person that needs to get over the hump. The person that needs hope and to understand that God is still there. God has more in store for them just like He did for me. We don’t have to be forever stuck. I wanted to help that person get past the pain, into their process with God, so that God could reveal to them their purpose. 3. Do you believe one can avoid pain? If not, what is the purpose of pain? No, I don’t think that anyone can avoid pain in general. Some pain has nothing to do with the decisions we make. For instance, walking in and finding my father dead on the floor, was an unexplainable pain that I couldn’t avoid. However, there is some pain that is self-inflicted, such as allowing myself to be in a four and a half relationship with my boyfriend that God didn’t ordain for me to be in. I could have avoided pain in that situation by consulting God first in my dating life. However, I feel like God rolls with the decisions that we make. He can create blessings in the midst of every lesson. That relationship taught me many lessons that played a role in my purpose. Pain teaches us what God can’t get through to us at the moment. The purpose of pain is to birth power in the areas that we are weak in. In Jeremiah 29:11, God confirms the fact that He has a plan for us. That plan isn’t to cause harm. So when I look at pain, if the intention is not to cause harm, then it must be to produce growth in an area that affects God’s plan for our lives. In my book, I highlight how each area of my pain led to birthing something inside of me, which had a major impact on my purpose. Sometimes until we experience the journey, we can’t see the plan God has for us. Each person is different and each journey is different, but if we don’t get stuck in our pain, I believe God always has a plan. In Philippians 4:19, God explains that He will supply all of our needs, but sometimes we have to go through that pain in order to recognize that we have needs that God can fill. The purpose of pain is always growth. Pain is not punishment, even when it feels like it is. Pain can lead to greatness. It leads to filling the missing parts needed to birth purpose. It’s all worth it in the end. 4. Can you explain what spiritual identity is? How does one find theirs? To me, Spiritual Identity is a definition of Who You are in God. It’s our identity being found in Christ. I believe in my life, the reason I allowed myself to be treated less than I was valued was because I didn’t quite realize Who I was in God. It wasn’t until I went through my journey that I learned the Value God had given me. I learned that He literally handcrafted me to be bold, confident, beautiful, strong and so much more. I had to identify with Christ to align my thinking with the way He crafted me to be. I had to find who I was in HIM. I believe that you find your spiritual identity in your journey. Identity can only be given and defined by God. Until a person encounters God for themselves and learns how to study and experience God, I don’t think that spiritual identity can be found. God defines us in His Word and until we tap into God, we can’t ever reach our full identity. We find it in the midst of prayer, fellowship, reading God’s Word, and the experience of the journey. I definitely know my worth and value in Christ. 5. What is one scripture that resonates with you and this book? Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” My pain could have really left me broken. Some days I think about it to today, and I just cry tears of joy. I look at the good, the bad, and the indifferent, and I love that I can find God in my situation. I love that I can see the journey and know that regardless of my situation, God had a plan. I also know that some of the things I went through were not meant for me in God’s plan, but I love the fact that God still used me in spite of my disobedience. He still wants me to prosper, and that does give me hope. If it wasn’t for God, I would still be lost. 6. What are some methods to finding your purpose? · Trusting God through the Journey · Praying even when you don’t feel like it · Being Obedient to God regardless of the situation · Learning, how to live a life of “totality” where you give it all to God · Spending time alone with God · Separating from things that are holding you back from God · Listening with an open heart · Realizing pain isn’t punishment and that God always has a plan · Affirming who you are and asking God to continue to birth the things you need in you 7. What is one thing you would tell your younger self about trusting the process? I would tell the younger version of myself to trust God, pray, and don’t make moves off of her own feelings and emotions, but to ask God for complete guidance. I would tell her to enjoy the process and embrace the journey while trusting God. The younger me would be so prepared to take on the world as “herself.” I would want the younger me to just be herself because God loves her regardless, and to not let any person on this earth distort the views of her. After that, I would tell her to listen with an open mind and heart to God, and He won’t steer her wrong. She may encounter some hard times, but God would always be near regardless of what it looked like. She would make it through. Psalm 34:9, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous BUT GOD will bring you out of them all.” 8. What was your passion about writing this book? My passion was knowing that I could really help someone. I remember when I received the first proof to my book, and I stayed up all night reading it until I was finished. I realized that even though I was the author, it ministered to me. I didn’t know that God could use me in such an honorable way. My goal was just to be able to touch the hearts of the person that felt like me. I needed help. I thought about that person throughout the book. I wanted that person to not feel alone. It was enough fuel to my fire to know if God could use me to bless one person and honor my dad all at the same time, it was worth it. My dad was a huge passion during this book. He wanted me to write a book. Little did I know that him leaving this earth was the piece of the puzzle I needed for God to create it in me. I just wanted to honor him. My father was so awesome. He touched the lives of many. I found that out more so after he passed. He brought light to so many people, and I’m truly just thankful that I can walk in his legacy. 9. What do you expect readers to take from your book? I expect readers to take away that regardless of where they are in life, they can get to where God wants them to be. Their mistakes don’t define them, and hopefully they can look at the mess I was in at the beginning of the book in pain, and they can see my journey and how God still used me. I want them to see that and find hope in their own situation. Pain is just a beginning stage to purpose. Pain will reveal the bad, but the purpose will have them living in the good. I want them to take away that they can win no matter what. God is always working it out even when we feel like He isn’t. There’s a brighter day than the one’s they may see right now. 10. How did you know God called you to write this book? Honestly, I knew when God told me. At first, I didn’t know. I listened to my dad tell me to write a book for years, and I would always think to myself, “its cute how this man thinks I’m superwoman.” I couldn’t even imagine it, but I remember the days I tried years ago and couldn’t, and God told me to save those pages, and I did. As I was journaling after my dad transitioned, I just remember God whispering in my ear that my journey was going to make a huge impact. He told me to turn my journey into a book. Some days I’m still shocked because my own friends and family didn’t know the extent of my story, so telling the world was a little difficult, but I know it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. He started opening doors, and the rest of the words just came. He perfectly orchestrated it. Yeah of course, I hit some bumps, but there’s a process to purpose. I listened to God, and He has been taking the lead ever since. 11. What advice would you give to someone trying to find purpose out of the pain? I would tell them not to give up. It’s easier to give up, but it’s harder to trust God. I would tell them to learn how to trust God in the midst of their brokenness, and to understand that there is always a “Why” at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes, it takes “Trusting God with all of our hearts and leaning not to our own understanding.” I would encourage them to dig in the Word of God and find scriptures to align them with their circumstance or situation. That is one of the reasons I formulated the workbook companion of my book. I wanted to help them work through their pain. They will learn how to walk with God and relinquish control of their lives to Him. I’d also tell them to review the journey God has taken them through thus far. I’m sure there are some small victories to confirm that God is still there. Sometimes we get so stuck on the big picture that we miss the small things God has done. One of the other recommendations I suggest in my book & workbook is a “Thank You Journal.” I utilized this tool for the last 5 years of my life and it has changed me. It revealed to me the many things I had to be thankful for. If the readers could do that, then their pain would become less and less potent in their lives. Purpose will be defined in their lives, but while they are waiting on God, I would suggest to make the best out of the journey.

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