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Do you remember with Lil' Mama jumped on stage at the MTV awards with Alicia Keys and Jay-Z? Well, that is how hype I was during my entire time in the Big Apple. Though I did not see many apples, everything there was fast paced and exciting. I felt like I didn’t see the same thing or even person twice. I felt like each neighborhood has its own unique identity.

Riding the subway became a breeze once I knew where I was going. It is actually very easy to navigate in NYC and if you get lost Google Maps is your best friend. The street food was amazing and very cheap. Despite southern perception, people in NYC are very friendly. However, there was this man I got into it with on the subway. I surely repented for that. I would never want to hinder my witness for lack of patience and not turning the other cheek.

I felt very inspired after leaving NYC. I felt super independent and I felt that I could accomplish anything. I guess that is why they call it the city of dreams. I felt this way because I accomplished everything I said I was going to do. Along with that, it was great to sit down over some libations and good food to talk with some determined black women. I was inspired by their work ethic and that they took a leap of faith and moved to NYC. I am a young woman still and I want to accomplish everything. There once was a time when women were oppressed and there was an even longer time, rather that has really ended or not, that black women were oppressed. Despite that, I see thriving lawyers, merchandise consultants, teachers, mothers, graduated students, and movers and shakers impacting the world. It truly inspired me to purpose my dream and capitalize off of every opportunity.

On a rainy Sunday, I enjoyed the church I went to in Harlem. The Pastor spoke on a message about identity. What people fail to realize that without Christ you have no identity? Without Christ, you easily fall victim to things of this world. It is easy to label yourself as something God never created you for. It is easy to settle for less than Gods best. What some fail to realize is that life without God leaves you alienated. It leaves you distracted from your purpose, calling, and destiny.

Follow @renaissancenyc "The enemy’s number 1 tactic is to make you question what God already spoke over your life. The enemy tries its best to turn God’s periods into question marks. Your identity is rooted in Christ alone."

The biggest thing to me was feeling the presence of God in New York. I spend much of my time in Atlanta, obviously. So it is easy to hear from God and feel the presence of God during our daily routines. It is easy to hear from God when we are surrounded by the same type of people. It is easy to hear from God when we have our morning devotional and nightly quiet time. But what happens when we step out of our comfort zone and into a new atmosphere? What happens when we step into a city with totally different spirits and a different battleground of spiritual warfare? Well, God is still God. God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. God IS. 

In the Old Testament, God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel: ‘I AM has sent me to you (Exodus 3:14).”God says that I AM

He repeats this same sentence several times in the New Testament The way, the truth, and the life -John 14:6 The bread of life The Light of the World -John 8:12 The Door -John 10:9 The Good Shepard -John 10:11 The Vine -John 15:5 The Resurrection and Life -John 11:25, 26

With all that being said, no matter where you go, no matter how far you stay, nothing can separate you from the love of God. Not death, sin, neither angels or demons (Romans 8:38)." God is ALL. I heard from God about my next assignment. While sitting in a small tapas with my LS’s, college friend, and friend from High School, God spoke to me about “going, therefore.” If you recall in Genesis God commanded Abraham to "go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you (Genesis 12:1)."

Right there in this dimly lit room, God handed me the opportunity of a lifetime. Being that I love God and love to be obedient I immediately said yes. I stayed up that night and did my research all the way home from the subway. I do not want to be like my ancestors the Israelite's who wandered in the wilderness because they simply did not obey God. Nor do I want to remain in the same place when there is a need for me elsewhere. What some may fail to realize is that we are meant to fellowship. What I mean by that is that mankind was not only created by God for God, but man was designed to help one another. Thus, if you neglect your assignment someone else is being affected by your disobedience.

With all that being said I plan to get TESOL certified and I will be done with my certification by the end of this year. What a way to end 2017!!!

I leave you with this!! Give it to God. I have seen him heal an 85-year-old woman from her deathbed, I have seen God heal a 65-year-old woman with fibroid with supernatural healing. I have seen healthy babies being born, I have seen my special needs students labeled unteachable  learn and grown, I have seen God heal a young woman from chronic shoulder pain right before my eyes. Most of all, I have witnessed my own transformation and that of my close friend Cawonia since we have died to our self and taken up our cross. I have seen healing in strained family dynamics.  I may not always be perfect or do the right things, but I love Christ and Christ loves me. This year alone God had given me a new job, allowed me to get gastric sleeve surgery, allowed me numerous vacation, allowed me to meet so many new people, and the opportunities are pouring into 2018. All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS. Yes, to you Will, yes to your way.

P.S If you feel led to donate to my certification fund which I will pay for out of pocket please feel free to do so. One of the biggest goals of mine as I teach abroad is to connect with a local church and evangelize the community. I would love to even be a part of the planting of a church or ministry wherever God calls me to teach. Lastly, please keep me in your prayers. As I pursue all of these endeavors the enemy will find every single way to attack me. Like Job, I will count it all joy and never curse God.

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