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Update Cancelled!!! Missions Trip Donation Request

Thank you for taking time to pour into my life. For the past few years, I have been living my life for Christ and God has been opening so many doors. If I could use two words to describe my new life with Christ the first would be purpose. The second word would be obedience. God gives each one of us a purpose and we must be obedient to that call even if it looks completely different from that life we planned for our self. In this case, God spoke to me and called me to use my gifts, time, and talents to serve him through ministry. With that being said, I have been on a journey serving God and humbly giving my all at every assignment he sends my way. I believe in the power of praying, fasting and obedience. As I pray and fast God gives me his purpose for my life and I am obedient to that call.

Since February 2017 I have been serving as a paraprofessional at Columbia High school my Alma matter. Never in a million years did I think I would be back at my old high school as more than a visitor. For my entire life revolved around Public Relations, events, and media. So, it only God who has led me to serve in this capacity. Again, I say a relationship with Jesus is about obedience. Though I often visited the school and met up with old teachers who impacted my life I never thought I would be there impacting the lives of others. Especially the least of these. The Bible says, God orders our steps (Proverbs 16:9) and we must be obedient to his will no matter how much it is not like our own.  

Ironically, I look back now on my life and see how I was a camp counselor all throughout college. Then, right when I joined Greenforest, I jumped into being the facilitator of the New Member class. That led me to serve in the children’s Baptism class. Now  I serve as a paraprofessional. Though our assignments change our purpose does not and I believe to some capacity God is beckoning me to teach in some form or another. Along with the plethora of other things.

Moving forward, I have been awarded the wonderful opportunity to go to India February 4th-16th 2018 to serve, evangelize, and minister with other followers of Christ. The Bible says our purpose as disciples is to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations (Mat. 28:16-20).”  As a disciple of Jesus, I plan to be obedient to my purpose.

Currently, I serve in the New Member ministry at church as needed. Previously I taught the new member orientation class. In my spare time, I lead a women’s ministry, millennial Christian blog and YouTube channel where my goal to help other women become biblically whole and find their purpose in Christ.  I also use my social media platform to promote daily scripture-based devotionals under the handle Christ and Conversations. I am also in the process of obtaining my Master of Divinity at Liberty University.

 I am excited to impact the world, serve God’s people and most of all the least of these. My goal is to raise $1,500 to travel to India with Cornerstone church.What drew me to this missions trip the most is that we will serve at a special needs orphanage. How ironic is it that God choose me at this specific time, with this opportunity to serve the least of these through missions?  All because I was obedient to a job I might have otherwise turned down. Sometimes I think it is easy to think of these least of these as those who are poor, in prison, and homeless, but there is a huge population of disabled, mentally handicapped, people out there especially children.

Serving as a paraprofessional has opened my heart up to want to help God’s special children and adults in any way possible. In the U.S., there are legal mandates that special needs children get the education they deserved but it is not always the case for those of underdeveloped countries. I hope that the love of Christ and his children help open the hearts of other countries to accommodate all learning levels and special needs.

Upon completion of my missions trip to India, I plan to teach abroad. (see next post) My desire is to not only teach, but connect with a local ministry and evangelize the community.  I will be a certified teacher by the end of this year and my program connects me with a job abroad as part of the program. This missions trip serves as the predecessor of my journey to go therefore and make disciples of all nations. I truly believe that God has called me to impact his people and I will be obedient to that call. I long that every people, nation group, race come to know the love of Christ. My pastor Emory Berry always says do you want to go to smoking or non-smoking? I pray that God uses me so that His children can worship in the non-smoking section for eternity.

I am thankful for any donation or offering that you are lead to give and I plan to stay in contact through videos and my blog on my journey to India in February. I thank you in advance for your support and prayers


Ashley Arnett

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