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Testimony Tuesday

After being dumped and rejected I spent a lot of time and I mean A LOT picking myself apart. I hated everything about myself all because this one person rejected me. 

Was I too clingy. Was I too talkative. Was I stuck up? Did I ask for too much? Was I moving to fast? Was I annoying? 

I spent time looking through texts replaying conversation trying to find the WHY? I even decided one day I was going to just change myself and be who this guy wanted me to be. I can look back now and truly laugh about that. Thank you JESUS!! No shade. I truly dodged a grenade. In the process of analyzing myself I found out a lot about myself. All the things I spent time trying not be is exactly who I am. All of the things others rejected is who God created me to be. I spent a lot of time trying to be approved by man until I realized whose I am. I am God's masterpiece and I truly enjoy being ME. No one else is like me. No one brings what I bring. 

That's the beauty of a body with several parts and functions. Regardless of if someone else did not like those attributes about me, it did not mean those weren't great qualities. I had to learn who I was in a peculiar way, but it has formed my testimony and passion for helping other women be who God called them to be. To be the workmanship God created in Christ Jesus for good works. Ephesians 2:10 #ChristandConversations 

I'm super ambitious. Very intentional I can persevere. Spontaneous. Very diligent. Very confident. Unintentionally hilarious. Very very honest. Wise. Full glam. And I BOLDLY LOVE JESUS! 

I can just brag about all the wonderful things about myself lol. I'm super thankful for the rejection because it truly made me see the reflection of the God in me. I actually like myself. Though I was desperate for a time and did not have any standards, I learned that I am not for everyone. Sometimes he/she is just not that into you and that is okay. Never make yourself small in order to fit into the box that you were never made into the image of. There is a pre-ordained time when you two, male and female, will become one. In the mean time get to know yourself and all the awesome things about you so you can share it. 

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