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My Fasting Became My Reproach

Often in the process of growth there are a lot of things that occur. These include shifting, sifting, and sanctification

As you fast you will face a season of shifting where the Lord is going to move you to another place. Your mindset will shift. The people around you will shift. Your environment will shift. Most importantly your faith will shift. 

You will go through a season of sifting. Like grains are sifted through weeding out the bad from the good, as a fasting believer you will face a season of sifting. As you're transfigured into the image of Christ with fasting and praying the old man will be sifted away from the new man. The old ways will be sifted away from the new ways. Your old sinful passions and desires will be sifted and thrown into the fire. This season may feel like an attack on your life because it will be uncomfortable, but growth sometimes is challenging. Don't give up because you do not want to remain stuck in the same place. 

The other part of fasting is sanctification. This time of denying your flesh and taking up your cross positions and postures you into a position of receiving. Whatever God needs to speak to you, wherever God needs to take you, and whatever God needs to show you he will reveal as a result of denying the flesh and seeking him in Spirit and in Truth.

Pray without ceasing. 

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