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Andy Warhol Factory Party

When I walked into this life with Christ I did not once think about losing out on anything. See, I felt that I live enough and yet I was deeply unsatisfied. It was at that point, that I began searching for something greater. Something that would make me feel whole, and not just temporarily.

A lot of people fear walking with this Lord because of the lie that life with Christ is borning. Some many say, all Christians do is go to church and even there they are being judgmental and fake. 20somethings want to still #live and turn up, but traditionalism and their environment has caused them to not see a side of Christ that involves fellowship, praise, worship, laughter, and fullness.

Prior to Christ I was very social. I was at my favorite bar Whole in the Wall every Wednesday. I truly had a blast, I met so many people and went so often I began to see familiar faces. I enjoy gathering with girlfriends for a great movie and great discussions so a lounge was the place to do that. Thus, it came as no surprise to me that my life with Christ would be filled with he same pleasures.

I believe you have to want something and pray to the Lord from your heart that His will be fulfilled. I wanted new friends I wanted friend that I could share stories with about what God shared with me and they would get it. I wanted people that would comfort me and challenge me, when needed. I prayed for godly community when I started to walk with Christ and with that open an entire new world where I could worship Jesus, have fun, and not end my night with regret.

I would say for anyone out there fearful of change and fearful of living life to the fullest you need to look the enemy in the eye and. scream GET THE BEHIND ME SATAN. Why limit yourself to an awesome time. Why sit in the house all day comparing your experience with someone else's. The only difference is that you are watching life unfold while they are out their living it.

God is so generous. As a believe there are certain places ought not to go. There is not anything there for me, there is no purpose there anymore for me. Thankfully, in my life with Christ I have so many things that I can do, enjoy and experience and glorify God at the same time. #20something it is your time to try something new. What is it that you like to do? Are you into fitness, art, music, adventure? There are so many exciting things waiting for you to involve yourself with.

First Friday's of the month are my favorite. Each first Fridays, the high Museum hosts a special event introducing the new art collection and showing love to the artists. This week was a homage to Andy Warhol. I am sure that everyone, including the less artsy inclined know who Mr. Warhol is.

Warhol is best know for his screen printing, especially, Cambells soup. The event had screen printing activities, an amazing DJ, cotton candy, and a late night tour of the museum

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